Monday, 20 May 2013

Bluebells in Burton Bushes, Westwood, Beverley - plein air oil on board.

Plein air oil on board 12 x 10" Bluebells in Burton Bushes, Beverley.
I wanted to paint on a prepared board, pre-framed as an experiment. The board being mounted offset from the back board to give a floating effect.
Enjoyed this quickish painting as I talked to passing people whilst composing it. It is always pleasant to meet and talk to people and to also meet their dogs, ( if they are dog walking ). Very still inside the wood, it was good for painting - yet the thought of a passing shower was a constant worry as the weather was so humid. Saw an old friend B.O.  and her field spaniel. 
Happy painting

Same picture in a simple frame, float mounted.

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