Sunday, 17 February 2013

View from near Old Hall Farm looking towards Beverley

Beverley Minster, Black House farm and St. Nicholas Church viewed from Shepherd Lane near Old Hall Farm. Plein air oil on canvas board 12 x 10"

Will add comments later - need to take Georgie for a walk.
Back now and home just as the sun is setting .... and the temperature dropping looking forward to another coffee. I am tending to concentrate on this area, Shepherd Lane, south of Beverley, as it offers a variety of aspects which are similar yet significantly different. Here I found a spot which shows Beverley Minster and also St Nicholas church on the extreme right. Between the two buildings we can see Black House Farm ( the white building (o)) used mainly for stabling off Long Lane. It was a welcome,windless, wonderful sunny day a harbinger of spring possibly.  On the way home we were delighted to see a sinuous, slinky weasel run across the road, stop, rear up and look at us before disappearing into the indergrowth.
Happy painting.

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