Monday, 11 February 2013

Plein air - farmhouse, south of Beverley.

Plein air large canvas - farm south of Beverley
Again I find myself setting off late afternoon to work on this painting of a farmhouse nearby. I was trying a new size of canvas - bigger than usual at 30 x 20 inches. It was good to work bigger though I will allow myself more time in future. Also I was concerned that the canvas might catch the wind, indeed I needed to hold it at times. This view is a little rushed simply due to the size, the detail being a little lacking. Rather than work on it at home I will return to add some important detail later, on another day. ( see header )There is some fencing in particular which I want to add. It was good to see the woman and her dog from the farm as I packed up and we waved to each other. I had to stop painting not so much due to the fading light but due to the cold. The temperature was 4 degrees C but it felt a lot colder. My fingers got very cold and I had difficulty unscrewing the easel legs etc - was glad to get back to the car and home for a coffee.

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