Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Old Court House, Beverley with magnificent sycamore showing progression of sketch

Sketchbook drawing - A4 heavy duty watercolour pad.
So I have stopped here, quite pleased with it especially as it was such a cold day and a real challenge to draw due to my hands being extremely cold. Also, it is the first sketchbook drawing that I have done for a while as I have been concentrating on the plein air oils. Hope you like it - happy painting.

The pads I use can be bought from here they are spiral bound 25 pages and excellent for carrying in a simple shoulder bag.

A little more detail added - it was important to reflect the power and size of the sycamore

Incomplete sketch - will post finished sketch below. Watercolour on w/c A4 pad. North Bar Without, Beverley.
Had a short time to sketch and have, like many people admired the mature, venerable large sycamore tree standing outside the old Magistrates Court in North Bar Without, Beverley. I started this but struggled to feel my fingers as the easterly wind and moisture laden air made it feel much colder than it was. People passed walking quickly with heavy clothing on to keep warm. A disabled young man on horseback was led past towards Beverley and then returned soon afterwards. I thought it must have been excellent therapy for him and admired his carers. The court building is rather wonderful and is presently used as a beauty salon with a restaurant using the left hand side of the building. Beverley Police station can just be seen on the right of the court building.

 Basically working on the main tree, the sycamore trying to give an impression of its bulk. Will post the .. more complete picture soon.

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