Saturday, 2 February 2013

Fields south of Beverley, Pochade box painting

Beverley Minster and cottage from the south - oil on canvas board 12 x 9", plein air.

The day started with a deep frost and snow flurries as we decided to walk into Beverley. A short while later the sun came out and it became a pleasant day - so I decided at the last moment to try a pochade box painting. A short 10 minute walk took me to a field off Long Lane where I spotted this view. The Minster was partially hidden  by tall trees though still interesting. By walking on the edge of the field until I could see the cottage the picture seemed too good to miss. The field in the foreground is waterlogged again and holding pools of water.
Below are two details of the painting above.

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  1. Really lovely. I just stumbled upon your blog. Just ordered a pochade box {the Blackfoot model) from Alla Prima in Missoula, Montana. Made by a fellow named Ben Haggett, who also paints plein air. His boxes are a bit like yours. Won't get it for a month - can't wait to get started. I'm visiting lots of painting blogs (like yours) to learn and be inspired in the meantime. Your site is one of my favorites. Thanks for putting it out for others to see.


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