Sunday, 13 January 2013

Shepherd Lane near Long Lane, Beverley

Plein air ahowing flooding off Shepherd Lane, Beverley. 20 x 16" oil on canvas.
Bitterly cold day. Wanted to do something before the snow arrives. The lake shown here is usually just a boggy area of tufted grass. However, we have had lots of rain this year and the land is saturated so any water tends to stand and form pools. Shepherd Lane nearby is suffering a small flood as the water tries to escape. Cars driven through the flood cause bow waves to ripple all the way over to the almost submerged wooden slatted path. The building in the distance is The Old Hall, now a farm with associated buildings. An interesting looking walled garden still stands adjoining the house suggesting it was a significant property at one time. Behind me, to the left is Model Farm. It is on the track which is now a cycleway leading to Cottingham.

Post script :-
The heavy snow did arrive the next day so we did it just in time.

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