Sunday, 18 November 2012

Burton Bushes, Beverley - autumn colour

Burton Bushes, Beverley. oil on canvas 20 x 16
Another view from inside the wood which looked vibrant and interesting. The leaves of this tree being more yellow than orange/reddish of earlier paintings which featured other trees. I tucked myself away and got set up - using a small holly bush to hang my thermos bag on. It was sunny but very cold. My fingers suffering a little until I remembered the flask and the hot coffee. Here I saw a large tree had fallen into another and, as I painted large leaves would float down around me making soft crackling noises as they settled. At one point a dog wearing a red harness  came over to investigate, otherwise, though I heard voices, I never saw anyone. Need to finish the picture with some detailing but it augurs well I think.

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