Thursday, 1 November 2012

Burton Bushes - looking towards from the Westwood

 OIL on canvas 20" x 16"
Looking towards Burton Bushes from the Westwood.
I was anxious to try my new ( secondhand ) easel. So we popped up to the Westwood intending to explore inside Burton Bushes to look for an autumnal scene. However it was very wet underfoot and so we decided to stay on the outside. We noticed a big old oak tree still retaining much of it's leaves with just a suggestion of colour behind it - so here it is. All done at the site. Met a few people, always like talking and meeting people when I am painting. Today some delightful young children dressed for exploring emerged from the wood with their mothers " Are you a real artist?" I was directly asked. I said I try, to which another added "It is good". Interestingly the Mothers mentioned that there was good colour inside the wood so I will explore as soon as the weather is dry. Had a good chat with another couple who were walking their dog.

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