Thursday, 18 October 2012

Lucie - our Briard 2001 - 2012


It is rather heartbreaking to say we have lost a character and friend. Very willful, loyal, gentle and protective, Lucie passed away today. She was 11 and a half years old. She loved walking on the Westwood  ( Beverley ) and would delight in grabbing old dry cowpats and throwing them in the air before "bouncing" them. She was a very strong dog who helped me up mountains and naughtily to our horror, had herded cows. She was especially good with children and would allow them to almost poke her eyes when looking for them under her long hair. She often came with us on painting trips especially in the Lake District. Lucie readily accepted Georgie our younger Briard, becoming her protector. Lucie was a Briard ( French sheepdog ).

December 2011

March 2012

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