Thursday, 17 May 2012

SWIFT update 17th May 2012

Okay we have put 5 swift boxes up in our little col-de-sac and have waited until this week before playing our " come down and see our superior swift nest boxes " CD.
First day - saw one hign up pass over.
Second day - as above.
BUT TODAY just seen 4 fly over - check - fly back again and quite low.
Hoping for good things but have been advised that take up can take 3 years if not longer.
I have a spare nestbox if anyone wants it - it is free but will need mounting at least 5 metres high, facing north or possibly east.
UPDATE Monday 21st May 2012
Dull  early start followed by actual S U N late afternoon. Returning from a run put on SWIFT calls CD and saw a GROUP of several swifts overhead. Approximately 6 - 8. On small group of 3 flew quite low before hawking off.
Today 30th May WED -  early approx 9.30 am saw 11 maybe 12 flying overhead and seeming to listen to CD. Circled around before flying off , in the evening saw more above house but only 3-4 at a time.
31st May - dull cloudy - swifts seen flying nearby - played CD. Numbers limited although quite frequent.
FRIDAY !st June - water vole Long Lane, and again 2nd June.

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